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Silpain® is a non-stick perforated mat for baking or freezing items. It can be used at temperatures varying from -40°C to +280°C.

Silpain® is effective for baking all shapes and sizes of breads which are not required to be calibrated (cobs, bloomers, rolls,…) in all types of oven (ventilated or deck-oven) except for direct fired ovens.
Silpain® is also effective for freezing dough and baking part baked breads.

Silpain® mat can be used as well for part baking tarts and tartlets in stainless steel rings. The bottom of tartlets is perfectly flat by baking on this mat.

(*for some references, minimum of 25 pieces of order)


Ref.Tray sizesMat sizes
SN 420 295 00*460x330 mm420x295 mm   
SN 520 315 00530x325 mm520x315 mm   
SN 585 385 00600x400 mm585x385 mm   
SN 640 520 00*650x530 mm640x520 mm   
SN 620 420 00*660x460 mm620x420 mm   
SN 685 385 00*700x400 mm685x385 mm   
SN 690 490 00*700x500 mm690x490 mm   
SN 700 450 00*710x460 mm700x450 mm   
SN 715 495 00*730x510 mm715x495 mm   
SN 735 385 00*750x400 mm735x385 mm   
SN 750 450 00*760x460 mm750x450 mm   
SN 770 570 00*780x580 mm770x570 mm   
SN 785 385 00800x400 mm785x385 mm   
SN 785 425 00*800x440 mm785x425 mm   
SN 785 445 00800x460 mm785x445 mm   
SN 790 490 00*800x500 mm790x490 mm   
SN 785 585 00800x600 mm785x585 mm   
SN 785 735 00*800X750 mm785x735 mm   
SN 785 785 00*800x800 mm785x785 mm   
SN 885 685 00*900x700 mm885x685 mm   
SN 885 735 00*900x750 mm885x735 mm   
SN 970 570 00*980x580 mm970x570 mm