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Demarle has a wide range of accessories for your bakehouse : pastry trays, grids, leather gloves,...

plaque-alu.jpg Pastry trays
There are many sorts of pastry trays: non perforated or perforated trays. Perforated trays are recommended when Silpat® or Flexipan® are used.

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  decinox.jpg Stainless steel cutters

Discover the stainless steel cutters range
plaquemagasin.jpg Display trays

Presentation trays. Not suitable for baking.

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  decoupoirsexo.jpg Exoglass® cutters

Discover the Exoglass® cutters range
cadres.jpg Frames

The 45 mm high stainless steel frames have been especially designed to fit perfectly to preparations made in Flexipat® or to be used with Relief Pastry Mats Norbert Vannier (except Ref TF 00160 and Ref TF 00140)
545 x 350 mm - Ref CA 01010 00
476 x 275 mm - Ref. CA 02213 01
342 x 244 mm - Ref. CA 02010 00
  gouttiere.jpg Plastic log frame

Plastic Christmas log, 50 cm long. Can be used with the Relief Christmas log

ref. TF 00130

Ref GOU 001

grilles.jpg Grids   outil.jpg Dough - lining device

Dough-lining device for references 1413, 1600, 1066, 1982.

Ref. MA 140102
paniers_multibake.jpg Multibake® grids

Could be used with preformed mats for baguettes.
  entonnoir.jpg Funnel

Stainless steel automatic funnel
1,9 L capacity
Ref. MA 258825
Chrome wire stand is an option
Ref. MA 116515
gants.jpg Leather Gloves

Resistant to a temperature of 300°C
Ref. G 0201 A