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Moulds used:

FP 1331



Crusty biscuit


Flour T.55: 115 g

Starch: 24 g

Icing sugar: 40 g

Butter: 125 g

Salt: 2 g

Vanilla pod: 1 pod


Brown sugar: 55 g

Gianduja milk hazelnut: 132 g

Cooked shortbread vanilla biscuit: 265 g


Sieve the flour, the starch and the icing sugar. Then, mix the butter, the salt and the scrubbed vanilla. When the mixture is homogenate, spread it over 2 mm between two Silpat®.


With an electric mixer, mix carefully the short crust pastry, the brown sugar and the Gianduja milk hazelnut melted.



Chocolate biscuit



Almond powder: 40 g

Icing sugar: 40 g

Eggwhite: 185 g

Egg yolk: 125 g

Sugar: 40 g

Cacao powder: 28 g

Bahibé 46%: 43 g

Butter: 86 g

Cream: 30 g


Mix slowly the egg yolk with the almond powder and the icing sugar, and then mix it up until it forms a ribbon. Whip the eggwhites with the sugar. Sieve the cacao powder, and melt the butter and the icing. Mix a little part of the eggwhites with the icing and the eggwhites. Add to the miture with almond powder, egg yolk, icing sugar, cacao powder and cream. Add the eggwhite.


Bake 12 minutes at 190°C.



Bahibé creamy



Milk: 205 g

Cream: 45 g

Egg yolk: 40 g

Sugar: 20 g

Powdered cream: 12 g

Bahibé: 80 g

Butter: 45 g


Heat the milk and the cream together, proceed at the mix egg yolk, sugar and powdered creal. Then, proceed like a pastry cream. Add the chocolate. Mix the butter at 45°C.



Bisbelia creamy



Custard: 528 g

Biskélia 35%: 308 g

Gelatin: 4 g


Cream: 208 g

Whole milk: 208 g

Egg yolk: 83 g

Sugar: 40 g


When the custard is hot and strainered, add the gelatin previously soaked and spined, and emulsify with a ubber spatula with the melted chocolate. Mix the mixture.

Let it crystallize during 24 hours at 4°C.


Biskélia 35% mousse



Sugar: 25 g

Cream: 125 g

Milk: 125 g

Egg yolk: 50 g


Caramel custard: 180 g

Gelatin: 4 g

Biskélia 35%: 300 g

Cream: 270 g


Bake the sugar dry until you have a foaming caramel. Diluted this caramel with the milk and the hot cream. Little by little, pour this mixture on the egg yolk, mix an add what left. Bake all with the “coating” technique, 84/85°C, and sieve and use it instantly.


When the custard is hot and sieved, add the gelatin previously soaked and spined, and emulsify with a ubber spatula with the melted chocolat, for have a smooth texture. Mix the mixture. When it is at 38/40°C, add the foaming whipped cream.

Let it crystallize during 24 hours at 4°C. Sink instantly.



Nugget hazelnut



Sugar: 100 g

Watter: 25 g

Eggwhite: 100 g

Icing sugar: 100 g

Almond powder: 100 g

Eggwhite: 70 g

Sugar: 80 g


Bake at 125°C the sugar with the watter and make a meringue with the eggwhite. Spread it on a sheek and bake 40 minutes at 160°C. When it’s cooled, break the meringue in small pieces and mix with the eggwhite and the sugar. Re-bake at 160°C during 20 minutes. Break the biscuit again and put some gold powder.



Almond milky icing


Milky icing: 560 g

Colza oil: 150 g

Roasted and chopped hazelnuts: 135 g


Melt the milky icing and add the oil and the roasted and chopped hazelnuts. Use it at 40°C.



Milky mirror icing



Water: 150 g

Sugar: 300 g

Glucose: 300g

Sweetened condensed milk: 200 g

Gelatin: 20 g

Milky icing: 300 g

Yellow colorant: Q.S


In a saucepan, warm at 103°C the water, the sugar and the glucose. Put it on the Sweetened condensed milk and the gelatin. Emulsify on the chocolaye and add the colorant. Let the icing at 4°C during 24 hours.



Crème brûlée creamy.



Cream: 335 g

Vanilla pod: 1

Milk: 68 g

Egg yolk: 68 g

Suagr: 40 g

Gelatin: 5 g

Water: 53 g


Warm the cream and infuse the pod vanilla. Bring the milk and the cream to a boil, put it on the egg yolk and the sugar and bake it at 84°C and add gelatin. Sieve and mix the mixture. Cool it quickly.



Citrus fruit acid juice


Fresh orange juice: 175 g

Water: 75 g

Sugar: 40 g

Pectin NH: 3 g

Lemon juice: 1/4


Mix the pectin and the sugar. Add at the mixture orange juice and water, and boil it. Add the lemon juice. Whip it before using.