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Coconut friand

par Ruth Hinks 

paysage 404x269px.jpg   Moulds used :

Flexipan® Landscapes 

ref. 1357

Flexipan® Cookies 

ref. 1441

Flexipan® Mini-florentine ref. 115


Coconut Friand

 200g Icing sugar

 100g coconut

 60g Plain flour

 150g Egg whites

 150g Melted butter

 5ml Vanilla essence



Place the icing sugar, coconut and flour into a bowl.

Melt the butter.

Add the melted butter and egg whites to the flour mixture and stir well to make sure there are no lumps.

Pipe the mixture into friand into the Flexipan® Cookies ref. 1441.

Bake at 175ºC for about 20 minutes.

Turn out and allow to cool.



Rhubarb compot

 500g Rhubarb

 100g Raspberry puree

 50g sugar



Cook the rhubarb, raspberry puree and sugar until soft.

Blend until smooth, pipe into Flexipan® Mini-florentine ref. 115 and allow to freeze, this will be the insert for your crème fraiche mousse.




Crème Fraiche mousse

 50g invert sugar

 50g sugar

 30g water

 75g yolks

 40g whipped cream

 8g gelatine

 340g semi whipped cream

 375g crème Fraiche

 Splash Sevarome vanilla essence


Make a classic sabayon by boiling the sugars in the water and add onto the whisking yolks.

Warm the first amount of cream to 80°C and dissolve the gelatine.

Pour this onto the whisking yolks.

Then fold in the semi whipped cream, the vanilla essence and the crème Fraiche.



Once the rhubarb is frozen, take it out the mould and keep in the freezer.

Pipe your crème fraiche mousse into the Flexipan® landscapes ref. 1357 and put in the frozen rhubarb piece.

Place in the freezer, allow to freeze and turn it out onto the cocoanut friand.

Spray with white cocoa butter and decorate as you wish.