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Relief Pastry Mats

These silicone non-stick mats have been developed to produce relief biscuit sheets with a regular pattern.

They are very easy to use, and thanks to their non-stick properties, they allow a perfect depanning.

The mats can be used for baking and freezing.
Because of the segmentation of the relief on the mat, giving detail to desserts prepared in frames and moulds is made easy.

Versatile, these mats can also be successfully  used to give your preparations diversity :
           - toffee's, nougat, fruit jelly….
           - for creating decorative pieces (sugar, chocolate, etc…)
           - for giving a relief pattern to sweet and savoury shortcrust pastries, or puff pastry.

The relief pastry mats should be used on perforated aluminium baking sheets or grids, for optimal baking.