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Choosing Flexipan®   Exceptional excursions with Flexipan

Demarle provides professional chefs with a comprehensive user's manual, featuring the numerous uses of the Flexipan®.

Three chefs, all of them with teaching experience, produced 90 recipes of the highest quality for your everyday work: entremets, petits fours, small cakes along with savoury preparations.

Every recipe has been designed to fill a Flexipan® tray 600 x 400 mm, every recipe specifies the reference of the Flexipan®  used and its characteristics. The recipes are also very pedagogic.

Jérôme Villette editions

Choosing Flexipan®,
90 recipes for the "artisan"

Ref. Doc 3100 GB 00

Also available

in French ref. DOC 3100 FR 00

in Spanish ref. DOC 3100 ES 00

in German ref. DOC 3100 DE 00

Exceptional excursions with Flexipan is a fantastic book for all the cooking lovers.

90 chefs from all over the world have unleashed their imagination to give this collection of original recipes specific from each country.

Our photograph travelled all around the world in the pastry shops and restaurants of the greatest chefs and managed to bring back the sensibility and passion of every chef.

This is more than just a fantastically illustrated cookbook. It is first and foremost an inspirational treasure trove in which you will discover the most unusual, creative and often audacious ideas.

Don't wait and step on board and explore these most exceptional excursions!

Demarle editions

Exceptional excursions with Flexipan, carte blanche given to 90 chefs from all around the world

Ref DOC 3200 GB 00

Also available in French

Ref. DOC 3200 FR 00