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Questions on Flexipan®

Is it reusable?

Yes. Flexipan® has an average life of 2500 baking-times. Its life durability depends on its use, storage and cleaning. A greasy product can make its life shorter quicker.


Peux t-on réutiliser les moules ?

Bien sûr. Le Flexipan® a une durée de vie de 2500 cuissons. Sa longévité dépend de l'utilisation et de l'entretien des moules. Un produit gras altère plus vite le Flexipan®.



What does the abbreviation GN mean?

GN means Gastronorm. This dimension is used in catering business for baking trays and containers. Here are the dimensions mostly used : GN 2/1(65 x 53 cm), GN 1/1 (53 x 32,5 cm) and GN 1/2 (32,5 x 26,5 cm).


Is it necessary to grease the Flexipan® moulds?

No, it is not necessary because Flexipan® is a non-stick product.

How to clean Flexipan®?

Flexipan® can be cleaned easily after using: you can soak or place the product under the hot-water tamp. If it is very dirty, a soft sponge and some mild detergent can be used. After washing, place the Flexipan® in an oven at 150°C for two minutes to sterilise it and make it perfectly hygienic.

You can also clean it in a washing-machine.